Cardiff-by-the-Sea Foundation

The newly formed Cardiff-by-the-Sea Foundation has voted to change the name of Carpentier Parkway to the Harbaugh Seaside Parkway in recognition of the generous donation from the George and Betty Harbaugh Charitable Foundation.  The donation is now the seed money for beautifying the area, which is in need of upgrades and enhancements.

The Harbaugh Foundation has pledged $110,000 over four years. The Cardiff- by-the-Sea Foundation was formed last July to provide a funding source for community aesthetic, cultural and environmental improvements. The parkway, located near San Elijo Avenue and Chesterfield, is its first project.

“The grant from the Harbaugh Foundation will now speed up those improvements," said Ryan Childs, Cardiff Foundation president.

“We look forward to collaborating with the community on park cultivation and memorializing the history and people who have had a hand in what the park is today,” Childs said. 

In 1997, the parkway was dubbed Carpentier Parkway in honor of late Chamber of Commerce President Orville Carpentier. But it's been a community asset since the 1960s. As of late, local horticulturalist Linda Lee, dedicated volunteers, and Cardiff 101 Main Street have worked together to maintain the park and make improvements.

“Cardiff 101 works with local residents, businesses and governments to promote the community’s economic vitality, historic preservation, beautification and safety,” said Annika Walden, executive director and Cardiff-by-the-Sea Foundation board member.

Walden led the effort to create the 501C3 non-profit Cardiff Foundation as a way of securing financial donations for community enrichment. 

  The park will undergo a transformation in line with the funding available to support the upgrade.  It will start with essential clean-up and maintenance to ensure safe passage along the pathway.  Also in the plan are design phases, community input meetings, fundraising, and community clean-ups.

The George & Betty Harbaugh Foundation is committed to local environmental preservation. Last year it donated the crucial $1.15 million needed to finally preserve the Gateway Park in Solana Beach, which borders Cardiff-by-the-Sea. That park is now called the George & Betty Harbaugh Seaside Trails.

“The donation permanently preserved that property for the people of North County, ensuring that view corridors will be protected and no major construction will ever take place there,” said Joe Balla executive director of the Harbaugh Foundation. 

Childs said the Cardiff Foundation became a reality in July thanks to the efforts of Balla, real estate broker and Harbaugh Foundation executive director, who secured the donation to assist with the area's beautification.

In addition to Walden, who also recruited Cardiff Foundation board members, other local professionals who have donated their expertise to the effort are: Rich Risner, principal landscape architect at Grounded, who is providing preliminary planning services;  Paul Goebel, director of land surveying at Pasco Laret Suiter & Associates, who is providing initial boundary and topographical surveying services and documents; and Mike Dauer, branch manager at Aerotech Mapping, who is providing aerial mapping of the park for survey.

Cardiff-by-the-Sea Foundation board officers are Childs, president, construction manager at Westcore Properties; Trish Hilder, secretary, attorney and owner of Hilder Law; and Jaclyn Mayer, treasurer, marketing agency small business owner.  All are Cardiff residents. Other board members are Natalie Suggs, Cardiff 101 Main Street assistant director; and Walden.

The Cardiff Foundation welcomes email inquiries at info@cardiffbytheseafoundation.com. 

Looking to donate? Find us on gofundme.com here! 

Looking to donate? Find us on gofundme.com here!