2014 Year in Review:

Cardiff 101 Mission Statement: The Cardiff 101 Main Street's mission is to enhance the well-being of our community and sustain Cardiff-by-the-Sea as a desirable place to live, work, shop and play.  Cardiff 101 works with local residents, businesses and government to promote Cardiff's economic vitality, historic preservation, beautification and safety.

2014 was an incredible year of growth for Cardiff 101 Main Street. Thank you so much to all the businesses, property owners and residents with whom we continue to work and who support our mission. Since 2008, the organization has grown tremendously from an all-volunteer organization to two full time staff people, a $250,000 + budget and strong partnerships with the City of Encinitas, the County of San Diego, Friends of the Cardiff & Carlsbad State Beach, Encinitas 101 Main Street, Leucadia 101 Main Street, SANDAG, SDG&E and many more. 

 We are very proud of our popular annual events that highlight the interests of our community and bring business and fun to our downtown. We are excited to announce that we are bringing back the Cardiff Surf Classic & Green Beach Fair this yearOctober 10-11, 2015, so mark your calendars!

 Our board of directors has grown to twelve exceptional individuals and is made up of an esteemed group of people who live and/or work in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.  They set the vision and goals of our organization and are passionate about making Cardiff a thriving place to live, work and play. 

 We are working hard to make Cardiff a more walkable community, ease the parking situation, as well as increase the safety of pedestrians. We were instrumental in getting a sidewalk in front of Cardiff School. This sidewalk has made the area much safer for pedestrians especially Cardiff School students and parents and it even added parking to that area.  We want to continue these efforts into the commercial district and our Design Committee hired a landscape architect to develop a San Elijo Corridor Conceptual Master Plan. This Plan works within the existing Cardiff Specific Plan. Our main goals are to enhance pedestrian safety and comfort, develop parking management guidelines as well as define a cohesive identity plan for Cardiff. 

 Cardiff 101 is proud to be a member of the City of Encinitas's Economic Development Strategic Plan Committee. Cardiff 101's Economic Development Committee is working with the property owners and business owners in Cardiff to attract and retain a good business mix for Cardiff. This past year, an inventory of every business in Cardiff was taken and we are excited to be reaching out to all the businesses through our Block Captain Program. We also work closely to assist Cardiff property owners as they look for new tenants, go through City permitting issues or work to improve business facades through the Cardiff 101 Facade Grant program. 

 We continue to maintain Carpentier Parkway for the community to enjoy as well work to improve the area surrounding the Cardiff Kook Statue in partnership with the Cardiff Kook Run Fund. 

 Again, thank you for your support and please let us know of any ideas, thoughts or suggestions you have to make Cardiff an even better place. Here's to a successful 2015!