Meet Lifestyle Photographer Sarah Zimmer!

Meet Sarah Zimmer, a Lifestyle Photographer & Cardiff 101 Member

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Sarah is a lifestyle photographer based in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. She has lived in Cardiff with her husband and cat going on 5 years in a 1942 beach bungalow! Sarah has always lived by her fathers words, " Do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." Starting at a young age, Sarah has always been passionate about art, which led her creative outlet to drawings and photography.

Career Path:

Sarah's career began at hotel Del Coronado in San Diego with weddings and events, while simultaneously interning at a local photography studio. After learning the photography business, Sarah decided to start her own photography company.

Fast forward, Sarah packed all of her belongings, threw them into storage, and bought a one way ticket to Asia! She traveled solo through Asia for a few months capturing all of its' beauty. It was just what she needed to rejuvenate herself and her creativity.


Sarah runs a special twice a year for 50% off her sessions. One of her specials is in the fall for Holiday Card photo sessions and the other is right before Mothers Day, "it’s such a nice gift to surprise moms with!" Says Sarah. 

Sarah's Joy:

Sarah loves exploring new destinations to shoot at and to be able to see her clients on a quarterly and yearly basis! It’s so fun for her to watch her clients grow each year. It brings joy to Sarah when she gets a sweet email or message after she delivers her clients' images to see how happy her clients are with their photos. Sarah loves documenting special moments and she feels so blessed she's able to create those memories for her community.


What makes Sarah unique is her passion for her business, her clients and her art. She is an expert at making people comfortable in front of the camera, leading to candid, natural pictures for the family to enjoy. It is her pleasure to make sure all of her clients are relaxed and enjoy their session!


Sarah is inspired by travel photographers and small business owners. She acknowledges that It is intimidating and terrifying to move away from the masses and go out on your own - hanging your own shingle and putting your name, finances and reputation on the line. And with the industry being so overly saturated it’s a tough business to succeed in. "I have so much respect for all those before me who took this leap and proved that there is worth in putting trust into your creativity" - Sarah

Cardiff Love:

Sarah loves to watch her husband surf at Pipes or Seaside. Growing up she decorated her locker and binders with Roxy, Quiksilver and Billabong ads. She loved everything about the surf culture, I mean her first AOL email was “RoxyS03”! She spent her summers with her dad in Hawaii and has always felt a connection to the ocean. And of course, there’s nothing like lunch at Lourdes after playing in the ocean! She's living the life she dreamed of, and really enjoys the simple moments of being home with her beautiful family.

Special Promotions: Sarah runs a special twice a year for 50% off her sessions. Once is in the fall for Holiday Card photo sessions and the other is right before Mothers Day, it’s such a nice gift to surprise moms with!


2018 Goals:

Among others, Sarah's goal is to create a coffee table book, filled with portraits of people she's met from all over the world, and the stories they have shared with her.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Sarah Zimmer! Also be sure to check out her website here!