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Suddenly, a trip to Thailand just got a whole lot easier.  Just down the street you’ll find a quaint family-owned establishment that offers nothing but a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling like you stepped into another world.  

Pure Life Thai Spa first opened about 3.5 years ago by Shinapon Saksiritawongul, also known as, Nan.  Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Nan has over 20 years experience in traditional Thai Spa that she has brought with her to San Diego.  With the support of her mother and sister, and a traditionally trained staff, Nan maintains her authentic Thai Spa standards.

Upon entering the spa, you’re asked to remove you shoes and leave them at the front desk.  You’ll be escorted into one of the 3 thoughtfully appointed guest rooms available; depending on your choice of indulging.  You’re welcomed by a warm dim glow and beautifully handcrafted Thai blankets delicately draped on the beds with soothing flute music in the background.

Nan emphasizes the importance of creating a peaceful ambience and relaxing atmosphere in order to give the ultimate spa experience.  

As a first-time guest, she recommends a 90-minute Thai massage.  The Thai massage is a combination of deep tissue and traditional Thai techniques.  The therapists are well-trained to match the correct amount of pressure each individual desires. 

Although they’re the most sought-after, massages aren’t the only services offered at Pure Life.  Facials are also a popular rejuvenating choice.  If you’re looking for a truly unique and gratifying experience, I would suggest the microcurrent facial treatment.  This facial uses a machine to apply pressure to your face, essentially “exercising it” for a tight and plump appearance. It’s a natural, non-evasive version of botox, without all the side effects—or the expense!

To further sweeten your indulgence, Nan is offering a free essential oil to any massage—a $15 value!—for the month of December. I would suggest “Calm” which aids in relieving stress, calming the mind and body, and supports restful sleep.  You can also choose between Energize, Clarity, Detox & Digestion and Protect.  Each essential oil aims to “provide you with a heightened and rebalanced state of well-being” (Orience Beauty).  Also during this month, if you purchase 3 gift certificates, you receive a free two-in-one body mask and scrub! | 619.307.3310

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