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We had the great pleasure to interview our Kringle Mingle videographer and most recent community partner, Grant Reinero.  Grant is a filmmaker, best known for his work in branded video content. He has over 15 years of production experience and has served as Creative Director at several digital marketing agencies in San Diego.  Grant’s wide range of work includes everything from corporate profiles and documentaries to music videos and narrative films. Regardless of the genre, Grant strives to create a beautiful and compelling experience for his audience. 

Our Interview with Grant:

Cardiff 101:  When and how did you start your business?

Grant Reinero:  My father bought me a 35mm camera when I was 11 and I have had one in my hand ever since.

Cardiff 101: What is your favorite part about your job?

Grant Reinero:  Video is an ideal collaborative storytelling format for expressing meaning, value, and emotion.

Cardiff 101:  What is your motto or mission statement, or perhaps a quote you live by?

Grant Reinero:  Perpetual progression is an artist’s personal responsibility.

Cardiff 101:  As part of your business mission, do you provide a social, environmental, and/or community benefit?

Grant Reinero:  I strive to build compassion and awareness by emphasizing the emotional components of human stories.

Cardiff 101: Describe the atmosphere in one word.

Grant Reinero: Warm

Cardiff 101:  Who is your role model or anyone you look for inspiration in?

Grant Reinero: My wife, Roxanne, is my hero. She is my source of inspiration, strength, and unconditional love.


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