"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Clay + Craft is one of our young businesses in Cardiff-by-the-Sea that’s bringing art into the community.  Clay + Craft creates quality handmade ceramics that strike a balance of minimalism and modern with a natural aesthetic.  Best sellers are the carafe + cup set, featured above.  Other magnificent pieces include a mug and wood plate set, shallow organic nesting bowls, candles and ornaments for the holidays. These romantic and precious items have glaze offerings of classic white, oatmeal and grey. Each piece is handcrafted right here in Cardiff. 

Nicole, Owner/Ceramist of Clay + Craft, was first exposed to clay in high school and fell in love from day one. After getting a C on a Physics test and casually mentioning it to her ceramics teacher, they realized she could drop Physics (which wasn't required) and instead do a 1:1 Ceramics class. Often times when she’s working in her studio she still hears her teacher’s voice. At that time, while Nicole took to the wheel quickly, she never thought she had a special talent or could pursue Ceramics as a profession. Simply put, she enjoyed it. Nicole landed in Corporate America for 15 years but bought a wheel shortly after college for a creative outlet. After having her son in 2014, she shifted to working part time which opened up time for ceramics. After long nights, a ton of missteps and trial and error, Nicole realized she could make something of it. In 2016, they settled in Cardiff to support her husband’s passion to surf.

Loving the down to earth and sense of community vibe of Cardiff, and knowing it’s a great place to raise a little grom, Nicole officially launched Clay + Craft and it became a Cardiff business.

Clay + Craft’s pieces are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Her work looks good, feels good, functions well and is best when shared with others. Clay + Craft’s work has been featured in television commercials, is utilized in restaurants and popping up in homes across the US.

Take a look at Clay + Crafts website, www.clayandcraft.com, You may fall in love with the thoughtful design and  “Less is more” approach.

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Christine is passionate about the environment, animals and health, including a great love for her family and the outdoors, she is dedicated to making a difference through diligence, perseverance, strategy, education, awareness and change.