The Legendary Donuts of Cardiff-By-The-Sea

VG Donuts and Bakery is an iconic Cardiff-by-the-Sea community business and historical landmark. As Cardiff locals, Jim and Betty Mettee with 6 kids started VG’s in 1969 in hopes to frame their own future. Jim wanted to have a business that even when times were financially difficult, he could still offer a donut and a cup of coffee to those in need and bring joy to their lives. They focused on quality ingredients, consistent product, and true customer service. Jim’s son, Joe first started working at in his early teens and became a partner before the age of 20. By the late 1970’s, he met his wife, Betty (she worked as a cashier) and in the 1980’s they took over ownership in full when Father Jim became sick.

Today, the undeniable unique VG’s is still family owned and family operated by the Mettee’s whom take extreme care of their establishment, employees and pride in their baked goods.  They have a great love for their family, town, weather, beaches and amazingly cool customers as well.     

As with any small business in California, VG’s struggles with constant changes in regulations, increasing ingredient pricing and minimum wage. They strongly dread raising prices in fear of jeopardizing their initial goal of maintaining a reasonably priced donut for everyone. 

With Jim and Betty as amazing role models, VG’s continues to give back to community and help those in great need. Annually, they donate to the local schools extracurricular activity programs that are no longer offered or supported through the common core.

VG’s is a fun, vibrant atmosphere that every local adores.  A must try, if you have never had VG’s baked goods, is the Chocolate glaze or chocolate old fashion donut. Their chocolate icing is legendary. As Christmas approaches, VG’s special annual cookie boxes have become a traditional favorite for many families and continue to sell out quickly at the beginning of December.  So you better hurry and get your order in.

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