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There are two ways to live. Eating to refuel your body and eating to enjoy your food. The end game is the same, keeping you alive, but the process is very different. If you're looking to enjoy quality food with nothing short of a breath-taking view, we have the place for you. 

Photo credit: Robert Goodman (@robgoodmanphoto)

Photo credit: Robert Goodman (@robgoodmanphoto)

After being established in 1995, Pacific Coast Grill made the move from Solana Beach to an oceanfront view in Cardiff in June, 2013. With a larger space and better view, their business took off and is now a staple in our neighborhood. I had a chance to sit down with Beth Bennett who’s the director of marketing, events, and custom catering, as well as Miguel, the general manager.

Going into the new year, Beth hopes to continue to “provide a great space” for private events such as baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, birthday parties, company dinners, weddings, and more. With a killer view and exceptional food, this venue would be a no-brainer to plan your next event. Pertaining to the restaurant, she hopes to continuously bring the freshest ingredients to the table. Speaking of fresh, Miguel, who’s been with the company for 21 years, gave me the scoop that most of their seafood such as shrimp and mahi mahi is from Santa Monica and Baja, while their wild-caught salmon is from Alaska. While some ingredients are organic, all ingredients are local from various parts of San Diego including Escondido and Carlsbad. Miguel would suggest the Cowboy Steak which is an 18 oz. bone in Ribeye, with fingerling potatoes, mushrooms, roasted garlic, and bacon wrapped asparagus. If you’re in the mood for seafood, Beth suggests the Sesame-Crusted Seared Ahi with coconut forbidden rice, beech mushrooms and ginger-ponzu sauce.  To keep the Pacific Coast theme going, you will mostly see wines from California, Oregon, and Washington. But the real hidden gems are the wines in the vault. These wines are hand selected by the owners to properly age in their cellar so they are at their peak flavor upon consumption. They are hard to find, rare, and let’s be honest, you want them.  While it may take a while to get these precious bottles, they are well worth the wait.  

To give back to their community, PCG often donates food, donates money to various animal causes, Swami’s surf contest, and a few local schools. About four times a year they also gather a group together to clean up their beach! Follow them on Facebook to see all their upcoming events, as well as keep a look out for their project that will be opening up next door to them, very soon.

What makes Pacific Coast Grill so extraordinary?  According to Beth and Miguel, it’s the people. “When you have a good product, great location, and wonderful people, it’s a formula for success”. 

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we suggest getting a reservation ASAP if you haven't already. They have a very thoughtful menu planned for you, which you can check out here | 760.479.0721

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