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Have you ever wanted the convenience of a food truck, but the health and flavor of wholesome food that makes you feel good? Luckily, Eat Your Heart Out offers both! These handheld delights offer 100% locally sourced ingredients. They offer something for every dietary restriction, so you’re sure to find food that you love! We asked one of the team members to describe what the business is all about, got the scoop on their role in Dog Days of Summer, and how this cute pup was adopted!

C101: How long have you been in San Diego?
F: I (Flora Hoang, Marketing Badass for the Eat Your Heart Out Food Truck) have been in San Diego for 33 years.

C101: How many times have you attended Cardiff Dog Days of Summer (DDOS) , and what has your previous years experience been? Tell us about your dog you adopted!
F: I have attended the DDOS once, four years ago, to be exact. Friends invited me to the event as a weekend outing but when I woke up that morning, I felt it in the pit of my stomach that I was coming home with a pup. We arrived at DDOS and walked all around the booths three times and stopped at practically every rescue and played with just about every dog. It was the third loop and we walked past the Open Paws Rescue Booth and one of the volunteers was holding this cute little pup that I didn’t notice the first two times we came by the booth. Then the dog turned its head and I noticed it had only one eye – and my face must have softened because the volunteer stepped towards me and put the pup in my arms, he looked up at me and the rest is history. Owie (my little one-eyed pup) picked me, he single-handedly rescued me. 😊 Owie is quite independent, sensitive and a total snuggle bug. He loves to frolic at dog beach and chase his buddies and brothers at the dog park.

C101: What will your participation in DDOS be this year? Can you describe your food truck?
F: We serve up some amazing handheld delights crafted with 100% locally sourced ingredients. What’s a handheld delight you ask? – everything you don’t need a fork and knife to eat. Our menu features a “Good” (vegetarian) side and an “Evil” (non-vegetarian) side that allows us to cater to any diet! We pride ourselves on our daily specials that are influenced by where we are serving, the time of the year, and whatever delicious ideas our chef creates!


C101: What’s your favorite part about your business?
F: Our favorite part about running this business is the adventure and uncertainty combined with the possibility of great rewards. Every single day is different and we thrive on that!

C101: What are some challenges you’ve faced with your business?
F: Some of the challenges we’ve had to face are the delay in originally getting our hands on the truck after it had been custom built, the truck breaking down, inclement weather and the cash flow.

C101: What else would you like our readers to know?
F: We wanted to offer something that not only we ourselves would want to eat and enjoy but also something that many people in San Diego would enjoy as well. Originally it was menu items that did not need any utensils and the idea took off from there. We took the concept of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cuisine and adapted it for a food truck. You can’t find this anywhere else. We are proof you can get good, healthy food from a food truck at a super value. We have diversified our menu enough to please the local palate of San Diegans vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Be sure to stop by Eat Your Heart Out food truck at Dog Days of Summer this year! You can also keep track of them on their social media:


We are proud to partner with the City of Encinitas to present the 12th Annual Cardiff Dog Days of Summer. This FREE event features over 200 dog-related vendors and rescue groups, pet adoptions, live music, dog contests, kids activities, beer and wine garden, food trucks and more! Catch all the action on August 13th from 12-6pm at the Encinitas Community Park. Go to the official event page, here!

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