Public Information Meeting for Proposed Cardiff School Modernization

Public Information Meeting for Proposed Cardiff School Modernization

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Notice of a Public Information Meeting for Proposed Cardiff School Modernization & Reconstruction Project Case


Notice of a Public Information Meeting for Proposed Cardiff School Modernization and Reconstruction Project Case #18‐120 CPP


Cardiff School District invites you to a public meeting for the proposed Cardiff School Modernization and Reconstruction project (proposed project).


DATE: Tuesday, June 12, 2018
LOCATION: Cardiff School Auditorium (1888 Montgomery Avenue, Encinitas)


PROPOSED PROJECT. The project involves modernization and reconstruction of Cardiff Elementary School at 1888 Montgomery Avenue in Cardiff‐by‐the‐Sea. The project site is zoned Public/Semi‐ Public (P/SP) and is within Special Study and Coastal overlay zones. The project entails demolition of five 1‐story buildings, a portion of another building, and eight relocatable classrooms; construction of ten 1‐story wood‐framed buildings and a two‐classroom addition to an existing building; and modernization of two existing buildings. The project would increase the school’s building area by approximately 4,760 net square feet, including one new classroom and one specialty lab. The project would also enhance onsite passenger loading and expand onsite parking by six spaces. Construction would begin summer 2019 and be completed in approximately 18 months.


ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (EIR). In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the District—as the Lead Agency under CEQA—will prepare an EIR for the proposed project. The environmental review process for the project and the preliminary findings of the environmental effects will be presented at the meeting, which will be conducted pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21083.9. Comments concerning the scope and content of the EIR will be accepted at the meeting. Questions about the proposed project and the public meeting should be directed to Randy Peterson, FAIA, Cardiff School District Bond Program Manager, at 760.632.5890 or


CITIZEN PARTICIPATION PROGRAM (CPP). The proposed project will require a Coastal Development Permit and possibly a Minor Use Permit from the City of Encinitas. The project will be required to comply with the City of Encinitas CPP (E.M.C. 23.06), including outreach to neighbors. The District will file an application for development of the proposed project with the City of  Encinitas Development Services Department. The CPP process is a tool for ensuring that the project applicant (i.e., Cardiff School District) and citizens have an opportunity in the planning process to discuss, understand, and try to resolve neighborOKhood issues related to potential impacts of the proposed project on the surrounding neighborhood. The CPP process is not meant to necessarily change or prevent the project as proposed. Please continue to monitor notices, as changes may be made to the project prior the City’s consideration of the required permit(s). Questions regarding the CPP process should be directed to the City of Encinitas Development Services Department at 760.633.2710.

By: Cardiff Town Council 

June 8th, 2018