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Not sure what to pick? There are 2 types of tickets: "Taste Only" or "Taste and Sip". Taste and Sip tickets will provide you a taste at participating restaurants to the event,  as well as a reusable Cardiff 101 Main Street tasting cup. Taste and Sip tickets entitle you to 12 beer or wine tastings that will be served at local non-restaurant businesses called ‘Sip Stops’.  

How do I find the Sip Stops and Taste Stops? All tickets are a guide for the event and include a map of all participating restaurants and shops. Icons near each stop denote what is available at that participating business. You must have a Taste and Sip ticket (and wristband) to enter the Sip Stop locations. I.D.s will be checked before you begin tasting the Sip Stop crafted beers and specialty selected wines.  Join us to have your opportunity to cast your vote and have fun!

Ticket Pricing

Taste tickets: $30 ($35 day-of event)

 Taste & Sip Tickets:$40 ($45 day-of event)

When you participate or attend Cardiff 101 Main Street events, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to interview(s), photography, audi (1).png