Be a Taste Participant at the 10th Annual Taste of Cardiff!

Are you a restaurant located in or serving in Cardiff-by-the-Sea? 

Gain clientele, expand your reputation and expose your culinary specials to the community by participating in The Taste of Cardiff.  Compete with local restaurants for The 2019 Taste of Cardiff Golden Fork Award.  As a restaurant participant, you will be required to provide over a 1,000 tastes of your chosen restaurant cuisine to the public. The taste you provide will be judged and gives your restaurant the opportunity to win the Cardiff Golden Fork Award.  Your participation will be promoted through over 30 media sources and on several social media platforms.  In 2019, The Taste of Cardiff was covered by local magazines, numerous newspapers, web-news and social media sites. Be a part of the fun and entertaining means of getting noticed.

Cardiff 101 Main Street 10th Annual Taste of Cardiff will take place on Thursday, May 9th, 2020. Last year, the 10th Annual Taste of Cardiff was exceedingly successful with over 1,500 people in attendance, with exciting and new experiences provided. The evening was enjoyed by Cardiff residents and provided invaluable exposure to our local restaurant community.

This event showcases and promotes your business prior, during and following the event. Cardiff 101 will be advertising your business and the event through a variety of social media platforms, public media channels and other sources. Day of event, ticket holders will stroll from restaurant to restaurant for a small bite that captures the unique taste of your cuisine. During the evening, attendees will be voting for their favorite restaurant. Cardiff’s Golden Fork Award will be presented to the winner for display and announced to the community following the event.  

To participate in the Taste of Cardiff, you will be expected to provide about 1,200 tastes between the hours of 5:00pm - 8:30pm to all ticket holders. A notification of the number of tickets sold will be provided a week prior to the event. We anticipate the event will sell out as it did last year. Following are recommendations to ensure this event is successful for your restaurant:  

  • Only one taste per person per restaurant and once a taste is given to a ticket holder, one of your staff members or a volunteer (provided by us) will mark off their ticket.  

  • We recommend small tastings (1 – 2 bites) to decrease your costs and to encourage attendees to try every restaurant.  

  • Encourage attendees to return by providing an offer (such as a coupon) that can be redeemed at a future date. For example, last year establishments offered food and drink specials to ticket holders during the night of the event.  

EVENT PROMOTIONS will include Email blasts to thousands of people, social media, posters, banners and credentials with a map of participating restaurants in the hands of at least 1,000 people.

ENTERTAINMENT for the event will be a variety of live music positioned throughout downtown Cardiff to enhance the evening’s atmosphere.  

SIP STOPS are with non-restaurant businesses that will be hosting local breweries and wineries that serve a wine, beer, liquor or effervescent sip. Only registered establishments will be issued a one-day ABC licenses and permitted to be a sip stop. All alcohol and those drinking alcohol are to remain in sip stop establishments.  No alcohol is to go into the courtyard, parking lot or frontage area at anytime.

TICKETS will be sold for $30/person (non-alcoholic) or $40/person with sip stops included. A total of 1000 tickets will be available this year. Each participating restaurant will be issued two complimentary tickets to distribute as they please. Tickets will go on sale March 15th and will be available to purchase online at Any revenue generated from the Taste of Cardiff is used to enhance the well-being of our community and sustain Cardiff-by-the-Sea as a desirable place to live, work, shop, and play.

If you would like further information about the event and participation, please contact Thank you in advance for your participation in what has already become a “Taste Tradition” for Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Please confirm with us that you are able to participate by February 24th, 2020 in order to be included in the Golden Fork Award contest and all marketing materials.  



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Taste of Cardiff Event Information


Downtown Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007


Thursday, May 2, 2019 5pm – 8:30pm


1,200+ attendees, Media, videographer, photographer and live social media streaming

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