Host a Sip Stop at the 10th Annual Taste of Cardiff

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Are you a business in Downtown Cardiff?

At 2020’s Taste of Cardiff, Cardiff 101 Main Street plans to have 10-12 Sip Stops, places where attendees can sample a beverage.  These Sip Stops allow non-restaurant Cardiff 101 members, such as shops, salons, offices and more participate in the festivities and welcome over a 1,200 attendees to visit their place of business.  

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If you would like to host a Sip Stop, Cardiff 101 will arrange for a beverage vendor to sample drinks inside your place of business.   You will need to provide space for a 6-8’ table and 2-3 servers (the brewery or winery will bring the table and staff).  There will be non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits and kombucha) served.  Cardiff 101 will obtain the necessary permits, provide all the supplies and make all arrangements, including checking IDs/issuing wristbands and staffing your Sip Stop with security.  Your business will be listed on the event ticket/map, promoted on social media channels and other media sources leading up to the event.  Beverage pairing and entertainment requests will be considered once payment is made.

To participate as a Sip Stop, please fill out the following form and submit a $200.00 Sip Stop hosting fee. The City of Encinitas has given us new regulations and requirements for our Sip Stops. In order to meet these conditions, we will need payment, form and daily license application completed and submitted by February 24th.


Step 1: Taste of Cardiff Sip Stop Participant Form

Step 2: Submit payment using the link below to participate in the 10th Annual Taste of Cardiff.

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Sip Stop Participation Fee
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Step 3: Fill out the Daily License Application

Please fill out, print, sign and mail original copy to:

Cardiff 101 Main Street

PO Box 552

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007

Cardiff 101 Main Street Membership

You must be a member of Cardiff 101 Main Street  to participate in Taste of Cardiff.  Click the button to check out our benefits and join! 

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Taste of Cardiff Event Information


Downtown Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007


Thursday, May 9, 2020 5pm – 8:30pm


1,200+ attendees, media, videographer, photographer and live social media streaming

Cardiff 101 Main Street's Experience and Who We Are


Cardiff 101 Main Street:

  • Non­profit community based organization.

  • Partners with the Cardiff-by-the-Sea community, the City of Encinitas and the County of San Diego to preserve and revitalize Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

  • Offers a wide variety of events annually that create a unique atmosphere for Cardiff residents and visitors to explore the community and stimulate Cardiff’s economy.

Cardiff 101 experience:

  • Cardiff 101 Exhibits strong community relations and public advocacy efforts that revitalizes the beach town

  • Cardiff delivers fun curated community events that bring businesses, family and friends together to develop lasting partnerships and a sense of place.

  • It is recognized as a trusted non-profit organization that is producing positive change for the Cardiff Community.  

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