Cardiff Arts Coalition

 Utility Box painting by Steve Burrows of  Burrito Art

Utility Box painting by Steve Burrows of Burrito Art


The Cardiff Arts Coalition (CAC) brings together a group of like-minded people to promote arts and culture in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. We work to identify and support opportunities for public art in our community by collaborating with the City's Commission for the Arts, local businesses and property owners. We look for opportunities to infuse art components and activities into all Cardiff 101 events. The CAC identifies artists who are of high caliber and fit with the character of our community.  

Our goal is to make Cardiff-by-the-Sea a cool destination to visit through art and projects that make the downtown area a more walkable, social and vibrant district.  Art will also be used to enhance historical features and provide education on their significance in the Cardiff community. 



  • Shanty Mural
  • SDGE Utility of Art Project


  • Curated Artist List
  • New Mural for Cardiff location TBD
  • SDG&E Utility of Art Box Painting
  • Establishing & supporting a Cardiff Cultural Arts District
  • Cardiff-by-the-Sea Branding Style Guide

Are you a local artist?  Do you want to contribute to the art scene in Cardiff-by-the Sea? We’d love to get to know you! If you are interested in applying for future projects please apply here.

We are currently accepting applications for a utility box painting in Cardiff. Apply here!