Cardiff-by-the-Sea Style Guide


Cardiff 101 Main Street worked with Mires Ball Design Agency to create a Cardiff Style Guide. This style guide consists of landscape imagery, icons, typography, color pallet and more all inspired by the Cardiff-by-the-Sea community.

Download the Style Guide here.

Murals in the Making


Cardiff 101 Main Street is in the process of solidifying funds for the creation of getting a mural completed in the Cardiff Cultural Arts District by local artists. This project may take place during Small Business Saturday or Kringle Mingle event that support our local businesses and bring our community members of all ages together. This project will benefit the Encinitas Community by adding visual art for the community to enjoy, supporting local artists and boosting economic vitality in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Date: 9/5/2019


Retaining Wall Project


The design of the retaining wall was brought to our attention by the City Council. Our Design Committee worked hard and closely with the Arts Commission to come up with a wall that would fit more with the community character and natural environment versus the original design if we had not discovered that this wall was going to be built. Learn more here to find out what it could have looked like and what it is now.

San Elijo Corridor Conceptual Master Plan


The vision for this master plan was to create a comprehensive study for the traffic calming strategies, parking facilities, signage, art opportunities, and quiet zones while keeping the same community atmosphere. The study was based on the Cardiff Specific Plan and Rail Trail and the “complete street” guidelines principles and promote connectivity to the San Elijo State Campground and surrounding community areas, such as the Composer District and the Cardiff Elementary School. Our Design Committee worked closely with Lastras de Gertle Landscape Architects, Inc.

Build NCC San Elijo Lagoon Double Track Project

The Facts 

  • Adds 1.5 miles of double track

  • Replaces San Elijo Lagoon Rail Bridge

  • Improves Chesterfield Drive rail crossing

  • Adds new pedestrian undercrossing at the southern end of the lagoon

  • Constructs a retaining wall near San Elijo Avenue

 Build NCC Coastal Rail Trail

The Facts

Coastal Rail Trail is a Rail Trail to connect our communities with a safe, accessible path for walking, running, and biking. A new mixed-use trail for walkers, runners, and cyclists will be built within the rail corridor in Cardiff within the next few years. The trail will run alongside the rail corridor from Chesterfield Drive to Santa Fe Drive. It then will meander through the open space east of the railroad tracks and along the bluff top to the north. This project is a small part of a larger regional Coastal Rail Trail project that will eventually link Oceanside to San Diego with a continuous bike and pedestrian path.

The Cardiff Rail Trail will open up the rail corridor to people of all ages and abilities, connecting residents and visitors to the beach, the market areas in Cardiff, and downtown Encinitas (via the pedestrian underpass at Santa Fe Drive). A new railroad crossing at Verdi Avenue or Montgomery Avenue will provide additional access to the beach mid-way along the trail. Finally, action on the accessibility and safety issues along San Elijo Avenue will provide the connective tissue for a complete network of safe and legal railroad crossings through Cardiff.

The Cardiff Rail Trail has had many changes in the trail alignment over the last several years. However, the alignment and route became final with a Coastal Commission decision on May 11, 2017. The trail was fully funded by SANDAG (our regional association of governments) on June 9, 2017. An RFP for trail construction will go out in early 2018.

Build NCC Santa Fe Drive Improvements

  • The creation of dedicated and separated bike and pedestrian pathways beneath I-5 along the east and westbound sides of the street – similar to what you see at Lomas Santa Fe.

  • Construction to begin in as early as the first week of January at Santa Fe Drive with Encinitas Boulevard following in March.

  • There will be no lane closures, only lane narrowing.

  • Review the plans here.

Birmingham Drive Streetscape Project

The Facts

The City of Encinitas has initiated a project to design and build streetscape improvements on Birmingham Drive from San Elijo Road to Carol View Drive, just west of the Caltrans right-of-way at Interstate 5. The pavement is in poor shape and portions of the sidewalk are outdated from current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. This project also presents the opportunity to make the street safer, more pedestrian friendly and more visually appealing.

Project elements include enhancing pedestrian access by installing improved, continuous sidewalks, pavement overlay, installing a roundabout at Newcastle Drive to calm traffic and improve traffic circulation, undergrounding of existing overhead utility lines, upgrading street lighting, and extending existing reclaimed water line services. The project will also include landscaping features and low impact drainage design concepts to create a sustainable streetscape project on Birmingham Drive.

The project was initiated in August 2017 and design will be completed in Fall 2018. Construction of the approved project will begin in 2019.