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Blue Sky Mediation Center

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Meet Robert Mougin of Blue Sky Mediation Center. We asked Robert a couple of questions to see why he founded Blue Sky Mediation, what he enjoys most about the business and his community. Read on to learn more!


C101: When and how did you start your business?

Robert Mougin: I opened Blue Sky Mediation Center here in Encinitas back in 2016 after 20 years as a trial lawyer.  My law practice had me traveling all over the west coast, and I wanted to be more local so that I could spend more time with my family.  Mediation allows me to bring my experience to the myriad disputes that face our city, our local businesses, and our community and help our neighbors find peace and avoid the costs in time, money and energy that are associated with protracted litigation. 

C101: What made you choose to locate your business in Encinitas?

Robert Mougin: We love it here in Encinitas, I wanted to be able to spend more time in my home town, so what better way than to open my business here - I also authentically want to be a true resource to everyone here so that they can resolve any disputes that they find themselves entangled in. 

C101: How long have you lived in Cardiff?

Robert Mougin: My wife Cass and I have lived here for 16 years now, and we have an 8 year old son. 

C101: What do you love most about Cardiff?

Robert Mougin: What's not to love?  The people, the ocean, the energy - all of these elements create a community environment that I truly believe is second to none!  This also ties in perfectly with the atmosphere that I strive to create at Blue Sky.  An open space where we can come together, be heard, and resolve our disputes so that we can find our peace of mind and move on with our lives. 

C101: What’s your favorite part about your job?

Robert Mougin: When I resolve any dispute, but particularly those that are complex, emotional, and heated - I love seeing the realization that my clients have that the fight is over, and that they can go back to living their lives without the headaches associated with their battle.  I find enormous fulfillment and satisfaction with the resolution of these disputes, and I truly enjoy being a local resource for our community. I am humbled and grateful for this job and the trust that has been given to me by our community. 

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C101: What are some challenges you’ve faced?

Robert Mougin: Truthfully, just getting the word out and making myself available to the local community takes time.  While we have lived here for 16 years now, admittedly we were not as involved as we would have liked to have been as both of our prior jobs forced us to travel quite a bit.  Now that we are fully vested in our local community, we are seeing our business grow. 

C101: What makes you special and stand out among your competitors? What makes you unique?

Robert Mougin: There are many qualified mediators out there, but most that are local focus exclusively on family law issues. Here at Blue Sky, I handle all kinds of disputes - from the large, complex, corporate level disputes, to neighborhood and community disputes, to real estate, insurance, personal injury disputes, workers comp and even trusts/estates and probate disputes.  I have been handling both litigated and non-litigated disputes as well.  There is no issue too big or too small to bring to Blue Sky.  

C101: For a new guest/customer/client, what’s something you would recommend for them?

Robert Mougin: My first advice for all new clients is to come prepared to your mediation session.  Take me up on the briefing option, where you can put into words the history of your dispute, your position regarding the issues, and your desired outcome.  I read all briefs as part of my preparation for any mediation session, and it allows everyone to start off from an informed position, ready to truly get to work on finding a solution. 

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C101:  What’s your motto or mission statement? Or perhaps a quote you live by?

Robert Mougin:  As you will see on our website, we believe that "The Solution is Closer than You Think." We also believe strongly in the mediation process - Why Litigate when you can Mediate? Blue Skies Ahead.

C101:  As part of your business mission, do you provide a social, environmental or community benefit? If yes, what?  

Robert Mougin: Yes, from the outset of our business, we have been involved in local community efforts via the three main street associations of Encinitas. We also have been active with the Rob Machado Foundation. This is an area we believe in and aim to continue to grow with our involvement and contributions.

C101: Who’s your role model or other people you look for inspiration?

Robert Mougin: I have a host of role models, and they all share similar traits - those being a commitment to our local and global communities, to provide authentic and transparent service to those in need. To balance our strength and our empathy in order to be open to resolving disputes, large and small alike.

C101: Are there any special upcoming events, deals, or anything you’d like our readers to know about for this year?

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Robert Mougin: We will be having an Open House Mixer with music, friends and libations on Thursday, April 12th at our space here in Encinitas. (111 C Street).

C101: When you are not working what is your favorite thing to do in Cardiff?

Robert Mougin: I would love to say that my favorite thing to do here is exercise, but to be honest, it's probably to eat at one of our many fantastic restaurants!

Robert and Blue Sky Mediation Center operate out of the Union CoWork building at 111 C St, Encinitas, CA 92024. If the need arises, just know that Robert is here to help you craft a mutually agreeable solution that gives all parties the ability to put their disputes behind them.

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