Local’s Guide to Taste of Cardiff 2018

The key to having a great time at Taste of Cardiff is finding the right balance between being efficient and enjoying the moment at each stop. This may be different for each “Taster,” some may be dead set on making it to every restaurant and sip stop, and some may be more interested in really soaking in everything each place has to offer.  I’ve done it both ways and I’ve had a great time every time I’ve gone! Just make sure that if you’re attending with a group that you’re all on the same page about what your priorities are and don’t be afraid to split up if need be. You will undoubtedly run in to friends and there are plenty of new friends to be made!

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If you’d like to time your night around seeing the sunset, I’d recommend starting at the south end at Tower 13. If you start on time (see below for why this is important), you should have plenty of time to get to the Cardiff Lodge Libations Lounge for sunset around 7:30 and you can soak in the beautiful views while listening to some great tunes and enjoying some delicious beverages.

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A few notable new comers I’m personally excited to check out are Bump Coffee who will be serving up their signature empanadas, and Boochcraft, an organic, high-alcohol kombucha company that gives you all the health benefits plus a little buzz!

A few tips:

  1. Make sure you’re there as early as possible. If you take anything away from this, this should be it.  Everyone I have talked to at the end of the night says they wish they had more time. The best way to ensure you get the most out of the event is to get there in time to start right at 5:00. Will call for tickets opens at 3pm-7pm in the Seaside Market parking lot so make sure you’re there with plenty of time to get your tickets and get to where you want to start.

  2. Take time to listen to the bands. We have some great musical talent here in Cardiff and the Taste is always a great chance to check out new bands!

  3. Bring a water bottle. Mizu generously donates water stations that are placed around Cardiff so be sure to fill up! If you don’t want to carry a bottle and buy a sip ticket, your sip cup works well too. Hydration is key to a great night (and next morning).

  4. Don’t forget to vote for the Golden Fork award. Local restaurants battle it out each year to win the coveted award so be sure to vote. Nothing like a healthy dose of competition to liven things up!

  5. Bring your wallet. Some local stores and restaurants have specials and sales going on just for the Taste and you don’t want to miss your chance to get a great deal while also supporting our wonderful local businesses.  Sea + Wander will have a Maker’s Market with local artisans showing off their goods and Tower 13 has some great drink specials!

Hope to see you all there!

Author: Miranda Hyldahl