Cardiff’s Mural Marvels – Have you seen these ladies!

Have you seen these ladies!

Cardiff neighborhood art always places smiles on resident’s faces. This piece pictured is a "printed" enlargement of an original 10"x14" medium of oil pastels on watercolor paper piece done by our local artist, LaMonte Lamoureux.  It is on the exterior wall of Seaside Market facing Newcastle street, have you seen it? 

For years, Cardiff’s Town Center owners, Pete Najjar, John Najjar, Joe Zagara and John Zagara have been wanting to install artwork on the back panels of the building.  But, actual painting on the wall is very expensive and there are many walls.  LaMonte a Cardiff local Artist, did a banner for the Arts Alive program that Tom McCabe of McCabe Architecture really liked.  Tom and LaMonte than began talking about pieces for the back panels, they knew they wanted to do it right.  Seaside Market had used an affordable printing process for the artwork in the produce area and found that it can also be done on an exterior material.  To see if the exterior material would work and how the process would function, they installed the first panel on the Newcastle panel of the building.

"Drawing inspiration from the Cardiff by the Sea surf community, vintage California surf and the bright surfing girls in my life. It was a pleasure working with Tom and the Cardiff Town Center Team on this project.  I'm very pleased in how the printed panel turned out and Cardiff Town Centers continued support of community. I look forward to supporting the Arts Alive program in 2018, contributing to future art discussions and commissions." ~LeMonte Lamoureux

The Town Center continues to talk about pieces for the back panels of the building and looks to developing an art program to complete them. We’d like to see more art in Cardiff too!


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