Member Spotlight 1010 Data

Member Spotlight 1010 Data

Meet 1010 Data, The world’s foremost companies consider 1010data the partner of choice for optimizing product portfolio health, mastering customer touch points and digitally renovating operations located in the heart of Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

1010 Data was cloud before cloud even had a name, doing "big data" before the hype and offering self-service before anyone believed it was possible. Today, they are pioneering data sharing and in-database capabilities - ideas that will ultimately see mainstream adoption as well.

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Early Origins

1010data's approach to data management and analysis traces its origins to the early days of data analytics. While working on Wall Street, our founders, Joel Kaplan and Sandy Steier, identified and leveraged techniques and technologies that gave them a powerful edge in the highly competitive financial services industry. 

As early as 1980, Joel and Sandy began to derive great value from vector languages, columnar databases, and parallel and distributed processing. These techniques, although now fairly mainstream, were at the time cutting edge. Perhaps most significantly, Joel and Sandy also made great use of interactive analysis, something that has only recently become popular in large-scale data analysis.

A Groundbreaking New Platform

Seeking to build on their powerful, battle-tested approach to data management and analysis, Joel and Sandy founded 1010data at the start of the new millennium.The idea was to offer a powerful, yet easy-to-use, interactive platform over the Internet, what we now call the Trillion Row Spreadsheet℠. In modern parlance, the idea was to provide a cloud-based analytical platform as a service (APaaS) offering that could operate on big data. The terms "cloud", "APaaS" and "big data" were ten years in the future but that was the very capability 1010data revealed in 2000; it just took a decade for the lexicon (and the rest of the world) to catch up.

Success on Wall Street and Beyond

Our first significant customer was the New York Stock Exchange – where data-driven decisions have become essential to ensuring success. As data volumes have grown, and they certainly have grown dramatically in the case of the NYSE, 1010data's platform has scaled seamlessly. Over the years, a wide range of industries have discovered the power of 1010data, including, retail, consumer brands, financial services, and more. We now have over 850 clients taking advantage of our powerful platform.

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Located in the heart of Cardiff-by-the-Sea

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